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Rapid Micro Biosystems announces New Vice President of Operations

February 5, 2018 By Rapid Micro Biosystems

LOWELL, Mass., Feb. 05, 2018 - Rapid Micro Biosystems, a leading provider of automated, non-destructive, rapid microbial detection, is pleased to..

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Why Automate Microbial Testing in the Micro Lab?

June 15, 2010 By Admin User

As a mechanical engineer, I've marveled at how automation has been revolutionary to so many industries.  For automobiles, electronics, and consumer..

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Rapid Detection Methods – Not a ‘One Size Fits All’ Proposition

June 7, 2010 By Admin User

In my years working with microbiology lab managers, I've learned that not all labs are the same, and not all rapid detection needs are the same. ..

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Rapid Micro Biosystems Launches a New Customer Website

May 11, 2010 By Admin User

Interactive website helps manufacturers of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and personal care products identify cost and quality benefits of rapid..

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Background lighting and the genesis of the Growth Direct technology

May 10, 2010 By Admin User

As is often the case, the Growth Direct System's core technology arose somewhat circuitously from an effort to invent a simple inexpensive method for..

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Exploring Rapid Microbial Detection - The Rapid Micro Blog

May 5, 2010 By Admin User

Welcome to the Rapid Micro Blog!

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