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Poster presented at PDA by Biogen shows how Growth Direct™ improves accuracy, speed, and efficiency in microbial enumeration

November 27, 2017 By Rapid Micro Biosystems

Biogen presented a poster, Implementation of the Growth Direct™ System: Driving for Greater Accuracy, Speed, and Efficiency in Microbial..

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Building the Business Case for Automatic Rapid Microbial Testing

November 28, 2013 By Rapid Micro Biosystems

Product recalls, inventory delays and unnecessary OOS investigations are enormous drains on profitability, and every pharmaceutical company can..

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The Growth Direct™ System for Automated Microbial Testing: Multiple Applications in One Device

November 26, 2013 By Rapid Micro Biosystems

Rapid microbial enumeration is making big waves in pharmaceutical quality control. Through the use of digital imaging technology and robotic..

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5 Competitive Advantages of Automatic Rapid Microbial Detection

November 21, 2013 By Rapid Micro Biosystems

Competition is tougher than ever in today's pharmaceutical market, and manufacturers cannot afford to continue with inefficient operating..

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Automatic but not Alternative: The Growth Direct's CCD Imaging Technology

November 19, 2013 By Rapid Micro Biosystems

While most pharmaceutical manufacturers are still using a tedious, century-old technique for colony enumeration, rapid methods have been around..

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Rapid Micro Biosystems to Appear at 2013 European Isolator and RABS Conference in Dublin, Ireland

November 13, 2013 By Rapid Micro Biosystems

On 14 November, Rapid Micro Biosystems will appear at the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sciences Society's 2013 European Isolator and Restricted..

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