Practical Applications for Automated Rapid Methods in Pharmaceutical Quality Control

Lean management has become standard for manufacturers worldwide, and companies in almost every industry are stripping waste with new technologies and more efficient production processes. While pharmaceutical manufacturers have followed suit in the production of their products, they’ve been slow to embrace lean initiatives in quality control (QC) – until now.

Over the last decade, forward-thinking drug companies have adopted a variety of rapid microbiological method (RMM) technologies, complementing – and in some cases, replacing – the century-old manual method of incubating and counting colonies for microbial testing.

Compared to traditional and alternative techniques, the Growth Direct(TM) System's benefits include:

  • Automation of error prone tasks
  • Non-destructive results
  • A simple validation process
  • Network integration
  • Rapid results

Through the creation of leaner, more efficient QC labs, these benefits have allowed several major pharmaceutical companies to increase their efficiency. Download your free copy to hear their stories!

Practical Applications

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