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4 Improvements to the Growth Direct System

Written by Rapid Micro Biosystems | Nov 6, 2013 12:35:00 PM

As rapid enumeration and detection technologies gain ground in the pharmaceutical industry, quality control personnel are demanding more savings, more output and greater reliability from their equipment. Rapid Micro Biosystems has responded with a myriad of upgrades to the prior generation of the Growth Direct System. The current generation is faster, more reliable and – most importantly – more useful for a variety of applications. Here are a few of the improvements that make Growth Direct the top system for the automatic detection and enumeration of microbial growths.

Higher Throughput

Designed for constant, high-volume testing, the current generation Growth Direct System contains two independently operating incubators, which can house more than 700 cassettes. Instead of relying on a single robotic arm, the machine also contains a system of independent robots, which allow it to load, unload, incubate and image cassettes all at once. Such high throughput ultimately allows manufacturers to achieve faster results and shorter times to market.

Smaller Footprint

Whether testing takes place on a manufacturing line or within a QC lab, every bit of space counts. The current Growth Direct™ System features a tiny 55” x 37” footprint – roughly a 50 percent reduction compared to the original model. Just as importantly, all loading, unloading and maintenance can be done through the front panel, so the machine can be comfortably positioned against walls or even in corners.

Easy Interface

A built-in touchscreen makes on-the-fly changes far easier. Non-standard tests are a breeze to set up, and techs can gain quick access to cassettes that display out-of-range colony values. Given how quickly contamination can spread, this capability is crucial for catching and identifying bugs before they ruin entire batches of product.

Versatile Testing

The most impactful Growth Direct System upgrade is its enhanced testing capabilities. While the prior model could only automate water and bioburden tests, the current generation can also handle environmental monitoring and sterility testing. By automating the quality control process for raw materials, clean rooms and final products, manufacturers can save even more money, labor hours and production downtime.

Long-Term Savings with the Growth Direct System

In addition to these upgraded features, the current generation Growth Direct System still provides the same time- and money-saving features as the prior model. These include:

  • Non-Destructive Results in Half the Time. With a proprietary charge-coupled device (CCD) technology, the Growth Direct System enumerates micro colonies days before they can be detected by the naked eye. This process involves no reagents, so samples are preserved for further testing.
  • Easy LIMS Integration. Growth Direct easily and seamlessly connects with existing laboratory information management systems. Techs can easily access sample data outside the lab, and entry errors are eliminated from the quality control process.
  • Instant, Actionable Alerts. The system can be pre-programmed for each user's colony limits. Once a cassette registers an out-of-specification colony count, alerts are instantly sent via text or email to quality control personnel.

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