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Rapid Micro Biosystems Announces New Website

Posted by Admin User on October 21, 2013

Responsive design technology improves website experience for mobile devices.

Bedford, MA - (October 20, 2013) - Rapid Micro Biosystems, a leading provider of automated, non-destructive, rapid microbial detection for quality control testing within the pharmaceutical and personal care products market segments, today announced the launch of a redesigned website.  The site,  is being re-launched to take advantage of responsive design technology.

Visitors to the newly redesigned site will see new content and details around the Growth Direct™ System, the automated rapid detection device for environmental monitoring, bioburden and sterility testing.  New sections devoted to Rapid Micro Biosystems’ services offerings outline different levels of support available to accelerate the validation to ensure high availability of the Growth Direct™ System.  Detailed sections of the website outline the various testing applications.

The Rapid Micro Biosystems website now also provides an optimal viewing experience across various devices, including smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.  Whether a visitor to  uses a tablet, smart phone or laptop, the website will adjust the view to the best fit for the device. 

Stakeholders in the area of microbial quality control in manufacturing, who are often on the move in their role, will now be able to learn more about automated rapid microbial detection and reporting from devices other than their office desktop or laptop.

"Microbial quality control professionals are using new, innovative technologies to learn more about rapid microbial detection methods.  Moving to a responsive design for our website gives our visitors options on how and when they access our content,” said Rapid Micro Biosystems CEO, Steve Delity. “The Rapid Micro Biosystems website is an excellent resource for quality control professionals who want to accelerate and automate their microbial testing.”

Also featured on the website will be the Rapid Micro Biosystems Blog where visitors can keep up with trends in rapid microbial detection as well as activities and news at Rapid Micro Biosystems.

About Rapid Micro Biosystems:

Rapid Micro Biosystems delivers the Growth Direct™ System, an automated, non-destructive, rapid detection and enumeration technology for microbial quality control in pharmaceutical manufacturing.   The system automates and accelerates detection and enumeration in the areas of sterility testing, environmental monitoring, and bioburden testing. For more information about Rapid Micro Biosystems or to register for an upcoming workshop, visit


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Rapid Micro Biosystems