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How Growth Direct™ benefits Executives

Growth Direct ensures product quality and enhances your brand.

As an executive, you have numerous critical responsibilities: ensuring product quality in a cost-effective manner, maintaining consistency throughout your facility, reducing regulatory risk, minimizing the chance of failing an audit or having a recall, and protecting and enhancing your brand’s reputation.

Growth Direct helps you meet your responsibilities. It is the first and only growth-based system that automates error-prone, time-consuming, manual compendial testing. As a result, Growth Direct increases product and personnel safety, reduces costly contamination risks, and complies with legal and regulatory requirements.

Growth Direct is also easy to implement, ensures data security, and is compatible with your laboratory information management system (LIMS).

Areas where Growth Direct can have the biggest financial impact for executives:

    • Companies with large inventories that are waiting for quality control (QC) results in order to ship. Warehousing costs of large inventories can add up. Growth Direct allows you to release product in approximately half the time, which helps you recover costs.
    • Complex manufacturing processes can be prone to contamination. Growth Direct can help you discover contamination faster and prevent the spread and additional expense associated with a widespread contamination event.
    • Plants that manufacture numerous products on the same production line. Contract manufacturing organizations and pilot plants that need to quickly turnover production lines to resume manufacturing will appreciate the approximately 50% reduction in testing time.
    • Sites with high investigation expenses seeking to reduce their current expenditures on unnecessary investigations. Growth Direct helps reduce unnecessary investigations due to human error from potential sample mishandling because it helps technicians identify if an expected sample is missing. Growth Direct also prevents incorrect incubation transfers, prevents tabulation and recording errors through automated enumeration and reports, and provides a complete audit trail of user interaction, sample processing, system operating conditions, and the interim and final enumeration results.
    • Companies that are exploring ways to go paperless, harmonize QC testing procedures across sites, and increase efficiency by adopting lean initiatives in their QC micro departments. Growth Direct automates and accelerates the work microbiologists have traditionally done manually with the same sample preparation.

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Ensuring microbiological compliance at regulated facilities can mean up to 1 million QC tests a year. Growth Direct automates test incubation, enumeration, and recording to help protect samples and data.

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