Risk Management

Growth Direct™ Benefits

Effective risk management

The manual method for microbial enumeration tests, now more than 100 years old, is rife with potential errors:

  • During incubation, plates can be misplaced, mislabeled, or thrown out before they’ve been fully analyzed
  • During enumeration, miscounting can result in interim colony counts that are higher than final totals
  • Data entry presents opportunities for transcription errors

Reduces the risk of human error

Automated microbial detection and enumeration with the Growth Direct™ System drastically reduce the risk for errors by assigning imaging, plate transfer, and data reporting processes to pre-programmed technology.

Only Growth Direct helps you:

  • Comply with SOPs
  • Ensure consistency within and across sites
  • Avoid transcription errors
  • Avoid lost samples
  • Prevent counting errors
  • Reduce incubation errors
  • Achieve risk-adjusted prevention of major recalls or delays
  • Improve data integrity/security
  • Automate scheduling of samples to avoid risk of missing a sample

Integrates seamlessly into your LIMS

The interface between Growth Direct and your laboratory information management system (LIMS) allows for automatic reporting, reducing the risk of data entry errors.

Even with a sophisticated LIMS, manual microbial detection requires technicians to record the results of each sample. Automatic detection with Growth Direct creates instant records, which can be quickly viewed and analyzed through a variety of existing LIMS.

  • Allows near real-time trending review:
    • Improves quality control
    • Ensures data integrity
    • Accelerates the availability of sample data beyond the lab with rapid coordination of environmental monitoring trending
    • Eliminates manual keying errors
    • Facilitates the paperless lab 
  • As soon as Growth Direct confirms an out-of-specification event, it sends alerts to quality control (QC) for early intervention 
  • Enables your QC team to analyze trends over time for immediate, cost-saving decision-making 
  • Potential to locate the Growth Direct right where you need it: in the production area or QC lab

Growth Direct also operates as a standalone microbial testing instrument. For labs without LIMS, Growth Direct provides automatic enumeration, produces comprehensive reports, and generates alerts based on specified colony limits.

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