Increasing efficiency and productivity in biologics manufacturing

In the highly regulated manufacturing of biologics such as blood products, vaccines, gene therapies, and cellular therapies, environmental monitoring, water testing, bioburden testing, and sterility testing are critical.

Growth Direct is an ideal rapid microbiological testing instrument for biologics manufacturers who are:

  • Attempting to maximize use of a production line/production suite
  • Managing a process that is subject to contamination events
  • Interested in reducing the levels of production inventory on high-volume products
  • Managing a facility with high environmental testing (water, air, surface)
  • Managing a facility that requires multiple or unplanned maintenance shutdowns that affect production

The benefits Growth Direct™ offers biologics manufacturers

By automating the compendial method, Growth Direct offers a broad range of important advantages:

  • Rapid detection of raw material contamination helps save production time and reduces or eliminates instances of needing to replace valuable columns due to contamination
  • Ensures substantial savings in production labor and downtime because of facility or production line changeovers (e.g., sanitizing after maintenance, shutdowns, equipment upgrades)
  • Rapid detection of in-process failures results in significant savings by reducing loss of production and compliance time
  • Generates automated test reports providing labor savings in interim test reading and generation of final report

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