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Increasing efficiency and productivity in contract manufacturing

Today, more than ever, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers have very high demands for contract manufacturers: the highest quality products, increased efficiency, documentation of processes, and timeliness of production. These are not unreasonable demands. After all, you are an extension of your customer. The product you manufacture bears their name. And their reputation and brand rest on it.

To compete effectively in this highly competitive marketplace, contract manufacturers must differentiate themselves from their competition. They must demonstrate that they can produce a quality product on time. They must prove that they quickly reduce the turnover time of their facility from one product to another, confirm that there is no previous product in the suite, and assure that the environment and water used for manufacturing have returned to an acceptable level of microbes in the cleaned suite.

As you well know, the more quickly you can get your facility up and running, the greater your productivity and profitability.

The challenge: as contract manufacturers face an ever-increasing demand for higher volume and greater speed, relying on the manual compendial testing method isn’t a viable option. It is labor-intensive, slow to produce results, prone to human error, and vulnerable to tampering and poor compliance.

Growth Direct™ helps differentiate you from your competition and elevate you in the eyes of your customers

Growth Direct is the first and only growth-based system to automate compendial testing. So it helps contract manufacturers achieve consistently reliable results in about half the time, reduce errors and investigations, use personnel more efficiently, and bring products to market faster than ever before possible.

Only Growth Direct offers so many critical advantages:

  • Integrates into your laboratory information management system (LIMS), which saves reporting time and ensures all stakeholders are aware of test results
  • Delivers results in about half the time of traditional tests, allowing your suites to come out of shutdown days earlier compared to the compendial method
  • User-friendly, secure software designed to comply to 21 CFR PART 11 features an intuitive interface to produce an easy-to-follow audit trail of user interaction, sample processing, system operating conditions, and the interim and final enumeration results. Only authorized users can print or transmit data, and these actions are tracked and reported. Plus, automation ensures the comprehensiveness of data and timeliness of reporting

Differentiate your facility from your competition. Elevate your facility in the eyes of your customers. With Growth Direct.

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