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4 Ways the Growth Direct™ System Leads to Savings

POSTED BY Rapid Micro Biosystems | 4 minute read

growth-direct-system-savingsBy automating colony counts, incubation transfers and data recording, The Growth DirectTM System can make almost any microbiological test more efficient and therefore more cost-effective. With a one-time investment in installation training and validation, a company will typically see ROIs of <1 to 2 years.

By reducing so much manual labor and providing a single audit trail, the equipment can help manufacturers to reduce a myriad of costs as they to address their current and future production volumes. The following are five of the savings pharmaceutical companies can realize by implementing The Growth DirectTM System into their quality control departments.

1. Efficient Use of Resources

Each test performed with the compendial method requires hours or even days of labor from highly skilled microbiologists. With headcount additions not keeping pace with the demands, these highly skilled resources can focus on problem solving versus the more tedious tasks of reading plates and recording results. The Growth DirectTM System makes microbiological testing far more scalable; sizable increases in test volume won't require proportionally more manual work.

2. Less Retraining

With traditional techniques, human errors are to blame for nearly every mistake, and both external audits and internal policies may require retraining after each OOS investigation. On the other hand, automation consistently performs tasks the same way every time—even weekends! In the future, when an audit or investigation reveals an unacceptable level of microbial contamination, it will more than likely be traced to valid problem versus an error. Instead of spending time and money on potentially unnecessary retraining, manufacturers can focus on the true problem areas on their production lines.

3. Less Costly Expansions

 Through a scalable process, increased labor efficiency, less training of new staff and faster validations, the Growth DirectTM System allows manufacturers to expand far more cost effectively. Whether they're opening new facilities or ramping up production at their current locations, additional production lines will require proportionally more microbiological testing. While the manual method thus requires new and significant investments equipment and personnel, The Growth DirectTM System reduces scale-up costs.

4. Faster Results

Growth DirectTM System users don't just save money through the elimination of manual labor; they cut costs by avoiding the long wait times inherent to traditional testing. For environmental monitoring, faster results allow for less down time during and after investigations, as sources of contamination can more quickly be identified and contained. For sterility testing, rapid results allow manufacturers to more quickly assess product purity and conduct line release, move on to the next production step or ship finished goods. In fact, cutting down on sterility test times even allows some companies to dramatically cut their inventory costs, as finished products can ship up to seven days faster.

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