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5 Ways RMM Technologies Can Improve Your Quality Control Workflows

POSTED BY Rapid Micro Biosystems | 4 minute read

rmm-technologies-improve-workflowGrowth-based rapid microbial methods (RMM) technologies produce some of the most rapid, reliable and efficient results possible in high-volume microbiological tests. For manufacturers, automated equipment such as The Growth DirectTM System allows for greater labor efficiency, less waste and higher profits.

Senior Management aren't the only ones who benefit, though. The efficiency and elimination of manual work provided by RMM technologies allows quality control personnel to enjoy far more efficient workflows compared to the manual method. Here are just a few of the ways The Growth DirectTM System can make life easier for overworked microbiologists.

1. No More Data Entry

Aside from all of the counting and transferring technicians have to perform, the manual method requires mundane and error-prone data entry for each and every sample. On the other hand, The Growth DirectTM System automatically reports the CFU counts, both for interim tests and final results. For personnel performing high-volume environmental monitoring, this capability frees up hours of time per test.

The Growth DirectTM System's ability to integrate with existing laboratory information systems (LIMS) removes even more steps; Instead of copying electronic data from one record system to another – or even typing handwritten notes – the equipment can instantly and automatically populate a company's LIMS with the latest counts.

2. System Generated Trend Analysis

Manual data entry also requires microbiologists to process, sort and analyze counts by hand, making it easy to miss upward trends in contamination. Conversely, The Growth DirectTM System's automatic recording capabilities make it far easier for users to highlight problem areas. Instead of wasting time compiling their own results, they can efficiently review automated, organized counts. This capability not only allows for quicker and easier trend analysis – it helps microbiologists to avoid OOS investigations altogether.

3. Reliable Alerts

One of The Growth DirectTM System's greatest timesaving features is its programmable alerts. Users can set the system to send alerts via email or other electronic means whenever cassettes register OOS levels of growth. Users are free to perform other tasks worry-free while the system incubates, enumerates and records.

4. Consistent Communication

Automatic alerts and LIMS integration also make it far easier for quality control personnel to report their results to other departments. Instead of conducting interim manual counts to relay to manufacturing, quality control personnel can automatically provide the interim system results by including key manufacturing personnel on any email alerts or data access via the LIMS system. This capability frees up time for microbiologists, and it allows manufacturing departments to more quickly review the status of products awaiting shipment.

5. More Time for High-Level Work

Overall, The Growth DirectTM System’s greatest benefit to microbiologists is that it frees up time to be spent on critical issues instead of manual plate counting and data entry. While the equipment automatically performs tasks that once took days or hours, users are free to analyze trends from previous tests, perform identifications on OOS samples and investigate and intervene where necessary.

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