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Are Your Current Manual Testing Methods Leaving Your Facility Behind?

POSTED BY Rapid Micro Biosystems | 3 minute read

Manufacturing facilities face ever-increasing demands for greater production capacity.  These demands drive up test volume in the microbiology QC lab, where reliable results, regulatory compliant processes, and accurate documentation are all expected and required.

As the industry moves forward with increased automation and smart manufacturing initiatives, relying on your current manual testing methods could leave your facility behind.  Compendial QC testing is labor-intensive, slow, and prone to human error – leading to potential data integrity issues.

Growth Direct™ from Rapid Micro Biosystems is the first and only growth-based system to automate compendial bioburden, environmental monitoring (EM), and water testing.  It is compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements and cGMP, providing audit trails, standard reports tailored to your QC needs, and detailed ALCOA/ALCOA+ data integrity and compliance.

All this with 50% fast results - increasing your operational efficiency.

Growth Direct™ has been purposely designed to address the demands of regulated microbiology

  • High-volume automation: Can simultaneously process nearly 700 concurrent samples with multiple test protocols and assays
  • High-capacity dual incubators: Includes 2 incubators and robotics to run your single-temperature or automated serial temperatures with automated cassette transfers
  • Compendial media and familiar consumables format: Support your pharmacopoeial requirements and standard processes
  • IT support: Can be fully integrated with your LIMS systems and network or operated as a stand-alone system

Let us help you optimize your lab’s efficiency at the beginning.  To maximize the performance of your Growth Direct system, our team can also assist you with implementation, validation, and ongoing service and advanced remote system performance monitoring 7 days/week. 

So are you just keeping up with the industry – or prepared to leap ahead?

Streamlined Processes. Increased Productivity. Fewer Errors. Growth Direct™.

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