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Automation Is More Than a Trend. It’s How the Global Pharmaceutical Industry Future-Proofs Operations

POSTED BY Rapid Micro Biosystems | 1 minute read

"In 2021, it’s no longer enough to look at progress one year at a time. Rapid automation makes it possible to take the long view." ~ Rob Spignesi, CEO and President

The overpowering pressure of global health demands along with the breakneck speed of scientific innovation have made it necessary for pharmaceutical companies to rethink how they manage risk and achieve their financial goals while delivering safe, effective medications to an ever-growing world population. The number of companies willing to accept outdated processes and methods for QC micro lab testing is declining. In fact, the majority of the top twenty leading pharmaceutical companies are adopting rapid QC micro automation to future-proof their output and protect the value of their brands.

Gather more insights as our CEO Rob Spignesi shares the 3 market drivers reshaping the pharmaceutical industry’s approach to microbial QC.