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More than Microbial Growth at Rapid MIcro Biosystems

POSTED BY Admin User | 2 minute read

It doesn’t take much web surfing to find articles about the tough employment market. From large to small companies, businesses are either reducing staff or simply not hiring.   There are bright spots; however, and Rapid Micro Biosystems is one of them.

Since the beginning of the year we have almost doubled our headcount.  The additions have been in key customer-focused areas of the Rapid Micro team, including Research and Development and Technical Services.  We see these increases as a means to enhance the Growth Direct™ System and expand service offerings to our customers.  Our expanding team will help us provide exemplary service to our current and future customers.

While it has become far more difficult to find a place in the refrigerator to put my lunch, I’m encouraged that at a time when many businesses are reducing staff, we are increasing our investment in human resources and bringing in top talent.  It has been exciting to meet the new team members and gain a fresh perspective based on their expertise. 

As a result of our influx of new talent, you should expect to see some new contributors to the Rapid Blog in the upcoming months.  Everyone here is energized by the growing acceptance of Rapid Micro Methods and specifically the Growth Direct™ System.  We look forward to an successful second half of 2011.

Mark Severns
Marketing Manager
Rapid Micro Biosystems