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Rapid micro detection sure to be a topic at conferences this fall

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The leaves are starting to change here in Boston, and we are getting ready to start the fall and winter conference season. 

The pharmaceutical industry continues to be dynamic, struggling with supply issues as well as adapting to the regulatory changes in healthcare here in the US and abroad.  As we met with companies early this year, they sharee their struggles bringing new drugs to market and maximizing the opportunities those drugs create in revenue and further research and development.  They have expressed their frustrations with the manual processes that still remain in production, specifically in Microbial Quality Control, and are looking for technologies to improve throughput and reduce time to results.

We have a full plate for this conference season.  With events both here in the United States and in Europe, Rapid Micro Biosystems will not be hard to find.  Feel free to visit our events page for more details.

There is a lot happening in across the Pharmaceutical industry.  We expect Rapid Microbial Methods to be a popular topic along with Lean labs and other efficiency programs.  We look forward to the one-on-one conversations and networking opportunities that come with the conference setting. 

We will see you there!