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New Posters and Sterility Testing Preview Highlight PDA Micro 2021 Conference

POSTED BY Rapid Micro Biosystems | 3 minute read


True to its "Microbiology Is Evolving" theme, this year's Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) Pharmaceutical Microbiology Conference showcased the adaptability of the Growth Direct® System with two new posters and a preview of our upcoming sterility testing application.

During the poster session at this year’s PDA Global Conference on Pharmaceutical Microbiology, the focus of which was Keeping Microbiology in the Loop, Rapid Micro Biosystems was proud to share a robust and deep set of data supporting its Growth Direct® System.

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Courtney Russell Poster - 300 dpi

The first poster Disinfectant Neutralization using Membrane Covered Culture will help pharmaceutical manufacturers show that in accordance with USP 1116 the residues from their cleaning disinfectants are neutralized by the additives in microbiological growth media in the Rapid Micro Biosystems Growth Direct environmental monitoring cassettes. The media cassettes used with the Growth Direct system contain a black membrane which helps to amplify the auto florescent signal which essential for the detection of microbial growth by the Growth Direct System.

For the analysis, two different methods of neutralization were compared: Direct addition of the disinfectant to the media surface prior to addition of microorganism and application of the disinfectant to surface sample coupons, rolling the test media over the surface prior to addition of microorganism. . The data shows that 0 45 micron membrane on the Growth Direct cassettes does not negatively affect the neutralization capabilities of the cassettes. Interestingly from the study also showed that the coupon test had overall good recovery and is a better representation of real life application as it accounts for evaporation, degradation and low recovery of disinfectant from the surface.

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In another poster presented Using Swabs and Growth Direct™ System as environmental monitoring application data showed that swabbing can be used to verify critical cleaning of difficult-to-access areas in pharmaceutical manufacturing environments using the Growth Direct System and consumables.


These two data sets add to the extensive body of applications knowledge with the Growth Direct system. The Rapid Micro Biosystems team was honored to be included in the Virtual Poster Hall and the first completely virtual PDA Global Conference on Pharmaceutical Microbiology.

For more information about these data sets or how Growth Direct can benefit your organization, contact us today.