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QC Labs That Employ Rapid Microbiological Methods Are Better Positioned For A Pandemic

POSTED BY Rapid Micro Biosystems | 4 minute read

It’s not just the speed and efficiency: microbiology automation also reduces risky human interactions.

COVID-19 has hit every industry hard, including QC labs vital for ensuring public health and safety. Labs utilizing fully-automated rapid microbiological methods (RMMs) such as the Growth Direct™ System are more likely to reduce production disruptions without the need to redirect people and processes.

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Below, we highlight how our unmatched, rapid microbiological quality control technology is enabling companies to successfully navigate the pandemic:

Minimize Human Handling

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are under pressure to maintain the availability of their products and services even as social distancing becomes critical for slowing the spread of COVID-19. This has put many in untenable positions. Modern labs that had already introduced automated systems like Growth Direct don’t have to pivot in response to these pressures, because they have reduced the need for hands-on testing.

Increase Speed and Efficiency and Reduce Risks
Labs that had shifted away from the compendial method before the COVID-19 virus can more easily reduce errors and regulatory risks while still achieving results in half the time. RMMs can accomplish accurate testing with a 60% reduction in the number of steps of manual testing, which also means there are fewer opportunities for contamination. With Growth Direct, QC labs can optimize operations and continue with fewer personnel at a time when minimizing interaction is a necessity.

Enable Remote Monitoring
Lab personnel do not have to be onsite to ensure the consistency and accuracy of our automated testing system. Growth Direct features a comprehensive Remote Monitoring System (RMS) that enables maximum machine uptime, optimum performance, issue avoidance, and offsite instrument health monitoring and maintenance. Growth Direct is designed to be secure and transparent, enabling firewall-friendly communications while validating that the functionality and security of the RMS are verified. Growth Direct also maintains a full audit trail of all actions performed when connected to the RMS. Growth Direct is capable of resolving issues on its own while simultaneously notifying our trained technicians about the service status of your system. All of this is done remotely, securely, quickly, and effectively to maximize efficiency and protect processes at a time when labs can’t afford to slow down.


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Partnering with Our Customers
Rapid Micro Biosystems is proud to partner with our customers to provide custom and flexible approaches to safeguarding the availability of Growth Direct products and services. Rapid Micro Biosystems can also accelerate shipments based on your inventory needs, and we can supply you with several months of inventory to help you navigate and manage your supply chain.

If your lab is still relying on the compendial method during this time, the benefits of automated RMMs are likely becoming clear. It is never too late to optimize your lab environment to protect the integrity of your data—and the safety of your staff—during situations such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

For more information about how Growth Direct can benefit your organization, visit https://www.rapidmicrobio.com/ or contact us directly for more information about its benefits.