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The Efficiency of a Single, Non-Destructive RMM System in the Quality Control Lab

POSTED BY Rapid Micro Biosystems | 4 minute read

RMM-QC-LabWith automated, non-destructive, growth-based rapid microbiological methods (RMM), microbiologists can cut costs, reallocate labor and streamline repetitive processes within their labs. Technologies such as The Growth DirectTM System allow labs to replace the traditional method for major microbiological tests such as water, bioburden, environmental monitoring and sterility testing.

These capabilities not only help microbiologists to efficiently replace the manual method for counting colonies; they allow labs to optimize their limited time and resources by using single method with a single set of requirements for training, many that mimic the existing preparation steps. The following are a just a few of the ways QC labs can maximize efficiency through the use of a single, non-destructive RMM system:


No Need for a Re-culture Step

In many instances, alternative RMM technologies, while providing rapid results, require time-consuming re-culture steps following a positive result. Because alternative methods typically use reagents that destroy organisms being detected, microbiologists must perform additional steps to prepare the sample for identification.

On the other hand, non-destructive systems preserve the microbes in out-of-specification samples, and no re-cultures are required for follow-up identification tests.


Any Test, a Variety of Volumes

An automated system like the Growth DirectTM System houses two independently operating, high-volume incubators, allowing microbiologists the option to perform a variety of tests within the same system. Whether they're doing a few sterility tests or performing environmental tests on hundreds of air and surface samples, microbiologists can reap the timesaving benefits of automated enumeration and reporting.


Greater Space Efficiency

While an automated incubation, enumeration and reporting system like the Growth Direct is about the size of a -80°C freezer, the use of such a technology can eliminate other pieces of equipment in the lab. Microbiologists can potentially reduce the space required for incubation, sample transfers and reporting, since all of those activities are automatically completed. In fact, The Growth DirectTM System can potentially be placed near the production area itself, reducing travel times and limiting impact on the lab.

One Familiar Process for Sample Preparation

Training and retraining can be a time-consuming expense. Some alternative RMM systems may require new processes for sample preparation, incubation, detection and reporting, all of which require training. On the other hand, growth-based systems that automate the compendial method and allow microbiologists to prepare samples in a similar fashion to the traditional method require less training, and current personnel can quickly bring new staff up to speed on the use of the equipment.

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