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The Growth Direct™ System Implementation Process from Start to Finish

POSTED BY Rapid Micro Biosystems | 4 minute read

growth-direct-system-imageSwitching from compendial microbiological methods to automated enumeration with the Growth DirectTM System may seem like an involved and time-consuming process, but the Rapid Micro Biosystems team is here to help every step of the way. From initial consultations tosenior management presentations to final installation and validation, our product experts will provide any and all support necessary to ensure you establish your new workflows as quickly and efficiently as possible. The following are the steps a customer can expect to take when examining, purchasing and installing the Growth DirectTM System.

Demonstrations and Feasibility Studies

Before a customer purchases the Growth DirectTM System, the Rapid Micro Biosystems technical team can provide a system demonstration, typical testing results and validation scenarios in a workshop at our demo center.  Quality control personnel build their system purchase recommendations business case for presentation to their senior management. Rapid Micro Biosystems' technical team will review range of samples and discuss whether feasibility testing is the right next step. This process may result in uncovering additional efficiencies and generating data for use in the proposal submission. 

Making the Business Case

As beneficial as RMM technologies potentially are to a manufacturer's bottom line, Quality Control may not be considered as an opportunity for savings. Fortunately, our technical team will assist quality control personnel and other interested stakeholders in making the business case for the Growth DirectTM System. Through ROI calculations and explanations of benefits, our experts will help to develop a compelling justification for the purchase.

Installation and Validation

Manufacturers all too commonly make major investments in new equipment, only to have it sit in storage following failed attempts at installation, validation and implementation. To ensure our customers get up and running as quickly as possible, our team travels to production sites to unpack and install the Growth DirectTM System.

Once installation is complete, our product experts also provide support for every step of the validation process:

    • Installation qualification
    • Operational qualification
    • Performance qualification
    • Method suitability

Team Training

While use of the Growth DirectTM System does not require retraining on the sample preparation process, as it is the same as the traditional method, training on the use of the new technology is important to gain the maximum value from the investment. Wherever necessary, the Rapid Micro Biosystems team will help the lab microbiologists adopt the new technology as quickly as possible.

Network Integration

The Growth DirectTM System technology is designed to help IT teams link the system to their LIMs system. In addition, the Rapid Micro Biosystems team is available to assist with network integration and software installations. Specific features and areas of assistance include:

    • Bi-directional LIMS integration
    • Email connectivity
    • Remote Access
    • Antivirus integration
    • Backups and archives
    • Disaster recovery

Ongoing Support

During the implementation and validation of the Growth Direct™ System, the Rapid Micro Biosystems team provides ongoing support through conference calls, emails and site visits. In addition, as part of the support agreement, product technicians will perform in-person preventive maintenance on the system. Rapid Micro Biosystems Field Service Engineers are available to respond to any system issues.

Still have questions about the Growth Direct™ System? Don’t hesitate to contact us today.