Services that Deliver Connectivity for Flexible, Enhanced System Performance

The Growth Direct® Platform incorporates connectivity that delivers powerful benefits.

Advanced Remote Monitoring Enables Preventive Maintenance

The innovative Remote Monitoring System (RMS) provides technologically advanced tools to remotely monitor your Growth Direct Platform to ensure maximum uptime and optimal system performance.

The Rapid Micro Biosystems support team uses the advanced RMS to analyze system performance data and identify trends to predict and prevent problems before they occur. They can then schedule preventive maintenance visits to avoid interruption of routine testing and maximize system uptime.

An innovative and secure web-based application, the RMS enables:

  • Remote staff training on the Growth Direct™ interface use
  • A view of the system’s operational status
  • Access to individual action reports for each system
  • Remote desktop connection for Rapid Micro Biosystems engineers

User-friendly, secure software produces an easy-to-follow audit trail. Only authorized users can print or transmit data, and these actions are tracked and reported.

Remote System Operation Empowers Manufacturing Continuity

In addition to remote troubleshooting, the desktop connection also enables your staff to operate the Growth Direct System from an offsite location to ensure manufacturing continuity, including internationally if required.

Network Connectivity Allows More Options

The Growth Direct Platform can operate as a standalone rapid microbial test or be integrated into a LIMS. Data can be directed to different LIMS and other networked programs (e.g., environmental monitoring trending databases). Growth Direct® creates a standard export file in .csv format that can be parsed by the networked program to pull relevant data. 

Email Connectivity Facilitates Alerts

Email alerts can be sent to different personnel according to the data set. QC can be alerted for Out Of Specification (OOS) sample results, the facilities manager for incubator temperature excursions, and the Rapid Micro Biosystems service team for system service issues for quick corrective action.