Determining Incubation Regime and Time to Results for Automated Rapid Microbiology EM Methods

The use of growth-based rapid microbiology methods (RMMs) requires a time to result (TTR) to be determined with a defined incubation regime in order to obtain accurate results and take full advantage of potential time-savings provided by the RMM.

Rapid Micro Biosystems published a peer-reviewed article that includes an illustrative case study for determining the optimal incubation regime and time to results for an environmental monitoring (EM) application. 

Determining incubation regime and time to results for automated rapid microbiology EM methods

Recovery of a suite of in-house bacterial and mould isolates was examined at different incubation profiles to define the optimal regime to obtain the best recovery. Discover the results in this free, featured article "Determining incubation regime and time to results for automated rapid microbiology EM methods."

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