The Growth Direct® System, a rapid microbial method, is designed for QC testing requiring high capacity and speed. The rapid microbial testing applications include environmental monitoring, bioburden testing, and water testing.

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The Rapid Microbial Method (RMM) that allows you to meet stringent regulatory testing demands faster while ensuring product quality and data integrity.

Environmental Monitoring

The high-volume testing often found in the combination of air, surface, and personnel monitoring can create headaches for busy labs using time-consuming manual processes. The Growth Direct® System  enables fast, accurate enumeration and digitization, boosting your productivity while eliminating manual sample analysis and error-prone recordkeeping steps.

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Water Testing

To test and analyze high volumes of water, the Growth Direct® System  automates sample enumeration, tracking, and reporting. Our novel growth-based technology helps meet stringent regulatory requirements—integrating advanced robotic automation, powerful optical imaging, algorithmic vision analysis, and data management to ensure product quality and data integrity. 

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Bioburden Testing

A critical QC step for contamination detection, bioburden testing can fall short of today's demands if you're still using traditional compendium methods. The Growth Direct® System automates incubation and reading of test samples for fast detection of microbial growth at a much earlier stage of colony development, while digitizing results to ensure data integrity.

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The increasing complexity of biologics and sterile injectable drugs makes robust contaminant testing a must to ensure manufacturing uptime and needed drug supplies. However, this complexity also makes biologics susceptible to microbial contamination, lengthy investigations, and recalls. The Growth Direct® System can help you accelerate production, meet stringent quality requirements, and maximize capacity to meet growing global demand.


Cell & Gene Therapies

New therapies must strike a balance between unique complexities and urgent turnaround from sample collection to patient infusion. Setting new standards for automation, sterility, speed, and quality, the Growth Direct® System can help accelerate identification, resolution, and final QC micro results to speed release of life-saving therapeuticswhile positively impacting your bottom line, reputation, and competitiveness.