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Non-Destructive Enumeration of Microcolonies

Rapid Micro Biosystem's Growth Direct™ test uses proprietary digital imaging technology that automatically enumerates microcolonies days earlier than the traditional visual plate counting methods. The system captures the native fluorescence (autofluorescence) that is emitted by all living cells. By detecting microcolonies composed of a small number of cells, the Growth Direct™ test can automatically report the number of microbes in a sample days earlier than the current visual colony counting method.


How the Growth Direct™ System Works

The sensitivity and efficiency of the test results come from imaging microscopic colonies without magnification using large area CCD imaging. Rapid Micro Biosystem's test is accurate and efficient even when the manufacturing sample to be tested contains only a few replicating microbial cells. Because the detection is non-destructive, the system is easier to validate and compatible with all current microbe identification methods.


Sample preparation for the Growth Direct™ test mirrors the current test,  but for this digital imaging method, much shorter incubation times are required than for today's visual method.