COVID-19 Support: Current Customers

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Posted by Rapid Micro Biosystems ON April 21, 2020

Current Customers

Our highest priority at this time is keeping our employees safe while ensuring we are doing all we can to support our customers avoid manufacturing disruptions.

Rapid Micro Biosystems is proud to partner with our customers to provide custom and flexible approaches to safeguarding the availability of Growth Direct™ products and services. Rapid Micro Biosystems can also accelerate shipments based on your inventory needs, and we can supply you with several months of inventory to help you navigate and manage your supply chain.

Proactive Solutions

Many labs are grappling with how to avoid manufacturing disruptions while also protecting their staff via social distancing. It is never too late to put an automated response plan in place. Fully automated rapid microbiology methods (RMMs) like Growth Direct™ can dramatically reduce the need for physical staffing while increasing efficiency and reducing error and regulatory risks.

Read our article about optimizing your lab environment to protect the integrity of your data—and the safety of your staff—during the COVID-19 pandemic or contact us directly for more information about how you can begin to implement our automated Growth Direct solution.