Janssen Pharmaceuticals–Rapid Microbial Method Feasibility Study for J&J Biologics Production Process Monitoring

Learn from the evaluation criteria established by the Janssen team to investigate the use of rapid microbial methods (RMM) for biologics (large molecule) production process monitoring. You will see how these systems compare when considering criteria such as Fast ROI, low capital cost, multiple sample applications, market testing, and more:

  • Growth Direct Autofluorescence
  • GloMax ATP Bioluminescence
  • Celsius ATP Bioluminescence
  • BacT/ALERT CO2 Detection
  • eBDS O2 Headspace Analysis
  • MicroCount Flow Cytometer Fluorescent Staining
  • Scan RDI Fluorescent Viability Staining
  • Milliflex Rapid ATP Bioluminescence
  • Milliflex Quantum Fluorescent Viability Staining

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