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WEBINAR: Advantages of Automated Microbial Colony Counting

Presented by Dr. Tim Sandle, Industry Expert and Independent Microbiology Consultant

Rapid Micro Biosystems® partnered with Globally Renowned Microbiology Expert and Independent Consultant, Dr. Tim Sandle, to explore the different technologies, regulatory concerns, and validation requirements for implementing automated colony counting methods such as the Growth Direct® System. 



The majority of microbiological methods remain reliant upon growing microorganisms and enumerating cultures.


Over the past few years, a number of regulatory warning letters have questioned the accuracy of microbial plate counting and this has become a significant data integrity topic.

The limitations of manual counting can be overcome with automated methods. However, not all automated colony counting methods are the same; they differ with their technology, whether they incubate and enumerate, and with their relative accuracy.


This webinar explores the different technologies, regulatory concerns, and validation requirements. The focus is with improving the accuracy and control of microbiological data within the pharmaceutical laboratory.


In this webinar you'll learn:
  • What counts? Counting colonies and limits to human visual acuity
  • Data integrity concerns with colony counting
  • Regulatory trends
  • Advantages of automated systems
  • How automated systems work, technology selection and automated data capture and analysis
  • Synergistic systems: Incubation, enumeration and counting
  • Validation requirements and troubleshooting

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