Faster, Better, Smarter: Monitoring with Growth Direct®

In this short, 14-minute microwebinar explore how the Growth Direct® System combines digital imaging technology with sophisticated algorithms in RMBNucleus™ Software to detect and count the autofluorescence of growing microbes. 



The high-throughput, high-capacity Growth Direct® System delivers test results in dramatically less time, enabling faster product release, greater capacity, and enhanced data integrity and security. Learn how your quality control program can save hundreds of hours of investigation work and potentially millions of dollars in lost productivity today.



  • Anatomy of the Growth System

    • Overview of blue-light detection technology and enumeration methods

  • Process optimization using rapid growth-based technology

    • Media and applications review

  • Data integrity and security via LIMS integration

  • RMBNucleus™ Software

    • Overview of RMBNucleus Mold Alarm enhancement

    • Value and benefit in rapid mold detection in as little as 1-day