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WEBINAR: Initiating Confidence in Your Organizations Data Governance

Presented by Todd Ballantyne, RMB Sr. Director Software Engineering & Platform Development

Rapid Micro Biosystems® partnered with American Pharmaceutical Review to host this webinar with  industry subject matter expert, Todd Ballantyne, to share his knowledge on how  automation with the Growth Direct® System guarantees processes are followed, data is accurate, complete, auditable, and trustworthy, all regulatory requirements to maintain data integrity and compliance.



Data integrity, transcribed in the industry, as the manufacturers’ responsibility to govern their facilities processes, operational efficiencies, and quality control test data. Quality control microbiology processes and advancements in technology have been proven to improve organizations’ confidence in sound data and quality in the GMP manufacture of products.

At the height of regulatory scrutiny, it is invaluable that we learn from each other and share our expertise and insights into process enhancements and improvements in keeping patient safety top priority. As we know, microbiology laboratories historically process at risk when utilizing manual operations, forcing error prone risks of data recording, subjective results reported, and arithmetic mistakes.

Our industry regulators are emphasizing the value and importance in the transition from manual, human error-prone microbiology methods to automated technologies. 

The Growth Direct® System automates incubation, detection, and enumeration offering unprecedented capabilities to improve consistency, save time, reduce analyst error, capture data automatically, and manage control in confident results to maintain complete compliance to the stringent data integrity standards driving the industry.

In this webinar you'll learn:
  • Importance of data integrity in quality control microbiology
  • Value of integrating automation Software & Technology to enhance data integrity
  • Regulatory expectations on Data Governance and Quality Risk Management

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