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Webinar: To Stress or Not to Stress

Evaluation of stressed microorganisms and their impact on time-to-result (TTR), presented by Owen Griffin, Director of Microbiology at Rapid Micro Biosystems.

There is a lot of debate around the importance of using stressed microorganisms as part of microbial test method validations, with arguments for and against the use of stressed microorganisms. You can also find arguments on the appropriate type of stress method. What is the right answer? 



This presentation will provide guidance to answer that question through the evaluation of stress methods, the impact stress has on delay in microbial recovery, and use for environmental monitoring methods.



  • List of common microorganisms found in pharmaceutical manufacturing environments

  • A minimum of two microorganism stress methods

  • Time-to-Result (TTR) analysis for stressed and non-stressed microorganisms commonly recovered in pharmaceutical manufacturing environments

  • Potential incubation temperatures and duration options for common microorganisms found in the pharmaceutical manufacturing environment that can be used to facilitate recovery from stress