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Data and Reporting

The Growth Direct® System software digitizes recording practices in the quality control (QC) lab, automating manual handling and enumeration procedures with improved efficiency to ensure data integrity.

Ensure Data Integrity, Efficiency, and Effective Risk Management


System software converts each sample into a digital record via a unique code that tracks the sample through the full chain of custody, while robotic arms automate transfer processes. Allowing the QC data management process to continue effortlessly.


Autofluorescence lighting, proven to provide the best detection capabilities, spots contamination at the micro-colony stage of development.


Applying detection data from our autofluorescence technology, the system software uses proprietary algorithms for accurate colony counting. Eliminating exposure to human error and maintaining data integrity.

Remote Monitoring

Robust data integration capabilities seamlessly connect incubation, detection, and enumeration steps to enable more rapid results and uphold QC data integrity.

Remote Monitoring and Reporting Ensure Continuity

The Growth Direct® System's remote system monitoring and data reporting capabilities can ensure manufacturing continuity when QC labs must remain fully operational, even in the event of reduced staff due to unforeseen events such as COVID-19 restrictions.

An innovative and secure web-based application, the Remote Monitoring System (RMS) relieves lab staff of the need to retrieve and upload data. Reducing potential for human error and upholding data integrity. If there is an operational issue, our Rapid Micro Biosystems support team can immediately access log files to pinpoint the problem for quick corrective action. Log file data also can be used to analyze machine performance, enabling predictive maintenance to maximize system uptime.


Email Connectivity Promotes Rapid Response

Email alerts can be sent to different personnel depending on the data set. For example: the QC lab manager can be alerted for Out Of Specification (OOS) sample results, the facilities manager can be notified about incubator temperature excursions, or the Rapid Micro Biosystems service team can be informed about system service issues requiring quick corrective action. Ensuring the QC data management process continues without interruption, maintaining QC microbiology data integrity.


Network Connectivity Delivers Seamless LIMS Integration

The Growth Direct® System can operate as a standalone rapid microbial test, or be integrated into a laboratory information management system (LIMS). Digitization of test results eliminates the possibility of manual transcription errors or data tampering, while providing the flexibility to direct data to another LIMS or networked program. The system software creates a standard export file in .csv format that can be parsed by the networked program to pull relevant data. Allowing for QC data integrity to be maintained by upholding ALCOA principles.