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Rapid Microbial Detection

Maximize the potential of your QC lab with rapid microbial detection and enumeration that are twice as fast at any scale* while offering enhanced accuracy and data integrity.

*Internal data on file

Automated, Non-destructive Rapid Microbial Detection

The Growth Direct® System features a non-destructive detection method that requires no reagents. You can proceed directly to identification of colonies in flagged cassettes without re-culturing.

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Autofluorescence Imaging Replaces Human Eyes

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are part of the Growth Direct® System’s core technology, causing illuminated samples to fluoresce without destroying them. By combining digital imaging technology with sophisticated software algorithms, the Growth Direct® System can detect and count the autofluorescence of growing microbes with accuracy and consistency—even when sample volumes increase, without the variability of manual counts by error-prone human eyes.

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Advanced Robots on Board for High Throughput and Capacity

Designed for maximum throughput with minimal load times, the Growth Direct® System consists of multiple robotic arms, two on-board incubators, and an imaging system. Automatic loading of up to 120 cassettes can be completed in under 20 minutes, and as many as 660 user-prepared samples can be continuously processed at two different temperatures for environmental monitoring, water testing, and bioburden testing.


Hidden Benefits of Rapid Microbial Detection

Test results with the Growth Direct® System can be made available in dramatically less time than with manual compendial methods, enabling faster product release and enhanced data integrity and security. There are also benefits that support a leaner, less wasteful QC Micro Lab. These include:

  • Fewer defects and errors
  • Less time waiting for results
  • Prevention of over-production
  • Simplified transportation of samples
  • Leaner inventories
  • Elimination of unnecessary staff interactions with samples
  • Reduced processing requirements

    How to Get Lean with Automation