Pre-sale Support


Providing support even before the sale

Even before you become a customer of Rapid Micro Biosystems, our customer support team starts the process to facilitate access to Growth Direct™ for you.

As part of the pre-sale process, our team provides the following:

Site visits

To ensure successful installation and operation of Growth Direct, we visit your site and work with your facilities team to ensure seamless delivery and assembly of the technology. We also make certain that the needed infrastructure is in place so qualification can begin quickly.

During the site visit, our team works with your information technology team to determine network connectivity, email connections, and remote system access.

In addition, we determine the optimum connection of Growth Direct to central temperature monitoring systems.

Feasibility studies to assess your unique processes

Based on your application, our technical team can assess your unique product samples. These assessments are performed by on-staff microbiologists, and results are provided as an application report.

A member of our team meets with you to discuss your current processes and offer strategies to simplify and accelerate the processing of samples even before they are loaded into Growth Direct for rapid microbiological testing.

QA document support

We meet with your Quality Assurance team to discuss documentation requirements and processes that must be completed internally to ensure a smooth and expedient validation process.

We provide document packages for the validation process that can be reviewed with your Quality Assurance team.