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Improve Quality Control

Rapid Bioburden Testing

Leveraging the Growth Direct™ Technology

The Growth Direct™ System for Water and Bioburden provides the testing and analysis of samples for microbial quality control.  The system automates the testing and delivers results in half the time of the traditional method.

Completely Automated

The system eliminates virtually all of the tedious, manual steps associated with testing of water and bioburden samples. Once the user has prepared the sample, the technology takes over to provide incubation, enumeration, reporting and integration to LIMs systems.

Cuts Testing Time in Half

Growth Direct™ System for Water and Bioburden uncovers positive results within hours of testing and provides final results in about half the time of a typical test. Results in are provided in colony forming units (CFU’s).

Easy to Validate

The Growth Direct™ System for Water and Bioburden is NOT an alternative method, but rather an automated version of the existing compendial method, simplifying validation.

Actionable Reporting

Configurable action and alert limits provide the user updates when samples are out of the configured specification allowing faster response to potential contamination events. Alerts can be sent to email and mobile phones.


The system uses no reagents.  Positive samples can continue to incubate and be sent to a microbial identification system for further analysis.