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Rapid Environmental Monitoring for High Volume Testing

The Growth Direct™ System for Environmental Monitoring revolutionizes the testing and analysis of samples for microbial environmental monitoring quality control. The system automates the high volume testing typically found in the combination of air, surface and personnel monitoring. 

The Growth Direct™ System for Environmental Monitoring leverages the best aspects of the existing environmental monitoring tests.  Environmental monitoring cassettes leverage industry-standard media and user-friendly handling, reducing inadvertent sample contamination.

Because the test is automated, cassettes that pass are handled automatically (colonies read and recorded, and information transmitted) without the need for user intervention.

Positive Results in Hours

The device provides a positive result in hours, and final results in half the time of the compendial method. The test is also non-destructive. These characteristics allow quality control teams to react quickly to any potential contamination, but still have access to both the final CFU counts for analysis and the positive sample for microbial identification.

Delivers Efficiency 

The system can be located in close proximity to manufacturing and samples  can be immediately loaded on to the technology straight from manufacturing. Barcodes on the cassettes track the sample and identify its protocol and handling rules.

Large Capacity

Designed with high throughput in mind, the system contains two incubators with a total incubation capacity of over 700 environmental monitoring cassettes. Robotics concurrently load, incubate and analyze samples, providing the maximum sample throughput in minimal amount of space.

Integration to LIMS

The Growth Direct™ for Environmental Monitoring seamlessly integrates into existing laboratory information management systems, accelerating the availability of sample data beyond the lab and eliminating any keying errors associated with manual sample processing.

Actionable Reporting

The system alerts users immediately via email when samples are out of conformance, while trending analysis uncovers any developing issues.

Media Types

Media is Tryptic Soy Agar with Lecithin and Polysorbate 80