Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring with fast results and high-throughput…automatically

Increased efficiency. Increased productivity. Decreased risk of manual errors and costly contamination events. Only Growth Direct automatically delivers all this and more for environmental monitoring (EM) in your facility.

Growth Direct revolutionizes the testing and analysis of samples for microbial EM quality control. It automates high-volume testing typically found in the combination of air, surface, and personnel monitoring. And Growth Direct provides the answers you need quickly.

Because Growth Direct is an automated system, once the cassettes are introduced to the system, all functions (colony imaging, counting, and data recording) are handled automatically without the need for user intervention.

Growth Direct is also a non-destructive test. This allows QC teams to react quickly to any potential contamination but still have access to both the final colony forming unit (CFU) counts for analysis and the positive sample for microbial identification.

Faster time to results

Growth Direct delivers EM results in about half the time of traditional methods. You can configure the test for any combination of times and temperatures. For instance:

  • 3-day EM test at 1 temperature: results in about 1.5 days
  • 5-day EM test at 1 temperature: results in about 2.5 days
  • 5-day EM test at 2 temperatures: results in about 2.5 days

The same simple sample preparation

Growth Direct adopts the best aspects of current EM tests for air, surface, and personnel monitoring. Our EM cassettes leverage industry-standard media and user-friendly handling. In addition, they do not produce a growth ring, which can reduce inadvertent sample contamination.

Preparing samples with Growth Direct mirrors the steps of the traditional method of personnel, air, and surface sampling.

  1. Remove the cassette and take the sample
  2. Place the vision lid on the sample
  3. Load the sample onto Growth Direct and the system does the rest!

The media types are familiar too: R2A, Tryptic Soy Agar with Lecithin and Tween (Polysorbate 80), LP80HT, and Sabouraud Dextrose agar. Growth Direct EM cassettes fit many popular air monitors. The cassettes snap into the monitor just like a contact plate. Use them like you use a standard plate. Once the sample is captured, place the vision lid over the cassette.

Equivalent results in half the time

Growth Direct not only delivers faster test results, but you can be confident that the results are comparable to test methods for all organisms, surfaces, and disinfectants.

And all surface and disinfectant neutralization results for Growth Direct are equivalent to on-market contact plates.

EM validation approach

Growth Direct uses the same media as defined in the Pharmacopeia. It also includes a black membrane over the agar surface to maximize its ability to detect colonies fluorescently. The focus of validation is to demonstrate equivalency of the Growth Direct cassette with the membrane to plain Agar in a traditional contact plate.

Validation includes the following steps:

  • Demonstrate accuracy
    • Perform growth promotion of media cassette by spread plating microorganisms to membrane surface
  • Verify disinfectant inactivation by the media
  • Verify desiccation effect over time
  • Verify time to result
  • Run parallel tests
    • Run new method and traditional method in parallel
    • Due to imprecision of the EM method, use trending agreement rather than absolute numbers for acceptance criteria

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