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Benefits of The Growth Direct™ System

Rapid enumeration with the Growth Direct™ System enables manufacturers to make timely cost saving decisions and reduce inventory carrying expenses by providing results days sooner than the current test method. 

Savings derived from faster test turnaround include the following:

  • Reduced product losses
  • More rapid identification of process contaminants
  • Earlier release of quarantined inventory
  • Reduced labor cost through automating sample processing, analysis, and report generation

Economic Benefits of Automated Rapid Microbial Detection

Translating faster results and automation into improved efficiency and cost savings is the cornerstone of your business case. Sources of value derived from use of the Growth Direct™ System include quantifiable financial benefit resulting from:

  • Improved Cycle time, faster release of in-process or final product
  • Inventory - Lowers product inventory to reduce working capital (in-process and/or final)
  • Reduced in-process or final product scrap
  • Labor savings - Labor taking and transporting samples, reading plates, or recording results can be redeployed or taken as savings.

In addition, strategic and operational benefits are important in building a business case, including:

  • Competitive advantage due to faster release, lower COGS, higher capacity, for example
  • Improving quality, compliance and facilitating major operational improvements such as Quality by Design (QbD), Lean Lab, and Process Analytical Technology (PAT)
  • Automating the laboratory; greatly enhancing operational efficiency of Micro QC organizations
  • Congruency with existing compendial methods - for instance, non-destructive - enabling improvements and validation with minimal unnecessary upheaval in SOPs, specifications, or issues with problem resolution.