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The Growth Direct® System


The Growth Direct® System

Delivering Unparalleled Value

Benefits at a Glance

Data Reporting

DATA INTEGRITY Secure critical data to ensure global quality and regulatory compliance.


OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY Deliver faster automated results for improved decision making and business performance.


INSIGHT AND ACCURACY Eliminate human quality control errors and reduce business risks.

Labor Efficiency and Cost Savings

  • Simplify workflow and investigations
  • Optimize retention and employee engagement
  • Reduce PPE and departmental costs

Quantifying the Economic Benefits

Flexible, Fast LIMS Integration

  • Universal communication platform for seamless connectivity 
  • Easy data sharing with a variety of systems and networked programs 
  • Secure networking with remote monitoring and email connectivity for alerts and rapid response

More about Data & Reporting

Improved Data Integrity

  • Prevention of errors and contamination resulting from manual handling
  • Fewer out-of-specification investigations
  • Reduced opportunity for falsification
  • FDA-compliant with 21 CFR Part 11

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Faster Detection, Easier Root Cause Analysis

  • Automated detection and counting of microbial colonies in half the time
  • Non-destructive testing for quicker identification of a positive result
  • All samples uniquely barcoded 
  • Digitized data for a complete audit trail 

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Scalable for High Volumes

  • Faster lab response to new production lines
  • More time to meet production targets 
  • Reduced product losses
  • Flexibility to bring new Growth Direct® units online as your needs increase




Implementing the Growth Direct®
System at Biogen

See how Biogen automated plate reading at QC microbiology labs around the globe, cutting bioburden and environmental monitoring incubation times in half while integrating seamlessly with company LIMS.

Biogen Case Study