The Growth Direct® System is a game changer for QC microbial testing. It lets us report, review, and respond faster than ever.
- Bill Carpenter, QC Microbiology, Biogen

Optimize Speed and Capacity While Minimizing Risk and Cost

Labor Efficiency and Cost Savings

The Growth Direct® System reduces time to results and eliminates 85% of the steps of manual microbial testing.

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Compliance and Data Integrity

Empower your quality control laboratory by eliminating manual data entry and potential for falsification with seamless digitization, traceability, and regulatory compliance.

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Reduced Impact of Investigations

Improve your quality control system and reduce the potential for costly mistakes that could lead to warning letters, hundreds of hours of unnecessary investigation work, and millions of dollars in lost productivity.

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Reduction of Human Error and Contamination

Reduce the instances of misplaced plates, miscounts, transcription errors, and human introduction of contaminants in your quality control laboratory.

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Insights and Innovations

Robotic arm handling pharmaceutical test samples within the Growth Direct® System.

McKinsey: Automated Testing Is at the Center of QC Evolution

23 May - 2022 / 12 min read

Technologies such as the Growth Direct® System show how pharmaceutical companies can become quality control (QC) leaders, according to one of the industry’s top consultancies. ...

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Ask Rapid: Your EM Questions Answered

13 May - 2022 / 7 min read

Discussing new TR-13 guidance on environmental monitoring, plus frequently asked questions about the Growth Direct® System. With ...

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Five Reasons Why Contract Organizations Should Stop Outsourcing Their QC Microbiology

3 May - 2022 / 10 min read

As essential service providers in the pharmaceutical industry, contract research organizations (CROs), contract manufacturing ...

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Strengthening a Weak Link in QC Microbial Testing (Part IV)

2 May - 2022 / 13 min read

By Mark Newton and David L. Jones Microbial enumeration testing in the pharmaceutical QC lab is based around well proven ...

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