About Rapid Micro Biosystems

We accelerate the detection of microbial contamination in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices, and personal care products.

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We are dedicated to providing groundbreaking technology and products to support biomanufacturing companies in their mission to deliver the highest possible quality products for improved patient outcomes. Thanks to our unmatched expertise in science and technology, we are a trusted partner of healthcare product manufacturers around the world.

Rapid Micro Biosystems is headquartered and has U.S. manufacturing in Lowell, Massachusetts, with global locations in Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands.





The vision of Rapid Micro Biosystems is to be the trusted standard in microbiology automation, creating operational efficiencies that enable our customers to deliver essential healthcare products.

That vision has been realized with the development of the Growth Direct® System.

About the Growth Direct® System

Our Growth Direct® System is a growth-based technology platform that fully automates the traditional compendial method of microbial quality control (QC) in mission-critical applications such as environmental monitoring, water testing, and bioburden testing. It detects contamination more quickly, supports improved QC processes, and delivers compelling economic benefits.

By replacing slow, error-prone manual processes, the Growth Direct® System does much more than decrease errors, ensure data integrity, and reduce the risk of costly contamination events. It also enables manufacturers to accelerate timelines, maximize capacity, and reduce operational risk and downtime. This results in better, more cost-effective pharmaceuticals, biologics, biotech products, medical devices, and personal care products.

Rapid Micro Biosystems Patents

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Growth Direct® System: US 7,582,415

Growth Direct® System: US 9,290,382

Environmental Monitoring (EM) Cassette: US 10,407,707

Bioburden Cassette for Bioburden and Water Testing: US 10,407,707