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Solutions that Help Save Lives

As scale and speed demands intensify within QC labs, our mission-critical solutions empower more efficient pharmaceutical manufacturing and fast, safe release of needed products.

Flexible and Compliant for Advanced Applications



Increasing complexity of biologics and sterile injectable drugs makes them susceptible to microbial contamination, lengthy investigations, and recalls. We can help you accelerate production, meet stringent quality requirements, and maximize capacity to meet growing global demand.

Cell & Gene Therapies

Cell & Gene

Today's therapeutics demand new standards for automation, sterility, speed, and quality. We can help accelerate issue identification, resolution, and final QC results to speed release of life-saving therapeutics—while positively impacting your bottom line, reputation, and competitiveness.



Success Story: Helping Biogen Move Forward

Learn how the Growth Direct® System replaced traditional bioburden detection methods for time savings of up to 60%, helping Biogen prepare for rapid growth while reducing errors and ensuring compliance.

Biogen Case Study

Expert Planning, Validation, and Support Services

Process Analysis and Change Management

After discussing your process requirements, our experts develop effective strategies to simplify and accelerate your successful implementation of the Growth Direct® System.

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Performance Testing

We consult with you about key application requirements and offer a complete array of documents and services to support every step of your validation process.

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Hardware Setup and IT Integration

Our experienced team provides on-site support for efficient installation and seamless, secure integration with your laboratory information management system (LIMS).

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Customer Success Team

We offer full, ongoing support, including your own dedicated point of contact and training options that can be tailored to your team to ensure a smooth implementation.

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