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Process Automation

The Growth Direct® System automates and accelerates quality control (QC) microbiology testing, eliminating error-prone manual processes while dramatically reducing process steps and wait times.

Automating Each Step of Your QC Microbiology Testing

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Reduces Human Error that Impacts Data Integrity and Causes Contamination

Labs using the Growth Direct® System can achieve greater efficiencies with minimal human handling, making it possible to:

  • Maximize throughput with the highest incubation capacity solution of any rapid microbial detection system

  • Automate sample testing to produce accurate results in about half the time of manual methods, while eliminating human error due to misplaced/mislabeled plates, miscounts, and transcription mistakes

  • Digitize test results to enable a paperless LIMS and ensure data integrity

Fully Automates and Accelerates Compendial Methods

Our Rapid Microbial Method (RMM) combines digital imaging technology with sophisticated software algorithms to detect and count the autofluorescence of growing microbes. Detection is twice as fast as manual processes* while eliminating 100% of investigations resulting from human error.

*Internal data on file


Labor Efficiency and Savings

Eliminating unnecessary hands-on labor and manual data entry increases the productivity of highly skilled technicians, freeing them to use their expertise for high-impact activities while improving retention and reducing training costs.


Maximizes Speed and Capacity While Minimizing Risk, Downtime, and Cost

The high-throughput, high-capacity Growth Direct® System delivers test results in dramatically less time, enabling faster product release, greater capacity, and enhanced data integrity and security.


Can Prevent Costly Investigations and Warning Letters

Data integrity issues were cited in 57% of all 2018 FDA warning letters, slowing deployment of therapeutics to patients while severely impacting the bottom line and reputation of biopharmaceutical firms. With the Growth Direct® System, fully traceable test results are available in dramatically less time, saving hundreds of hours of investigation work and potentially millions of dollars in lost productivity.