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Whether your lab has a single Growth Direct® System or multiple units, RMBNucleus™ offers at-a-glance transparency without the need for direct physical access. Convenient dashboards allow you to add users for multiple instruments in a single step, see which samples are in each unit for optimal cassette handling, or reset local passwords with one-and-done efficiency. In addition, customizable reporting options make it easier to pre-extract needed information in the format that best supports your data integrity requirements.


RMBNucleus™ is the newest software for the Growth Direct® System that provides:

  • Secure support of Windows 10 and SQL Server 2019 
  • Upgraded reporting and auditing in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 
  • Streamlined recovery, monitoring, and user operation 
LIMS Connectivity

LIMS Connectivity

Ability to choose web- or file-based LIMS. New web-based LIMS connectivity and upgraded remote monitoring increase your flexibility while reducing potential for error. LEARN MORE

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Central Manager Portal

The Central Manager portal streamlines coordination of multiple instruments, enabling timely alerts and easy scale-up without physical access. LEARN MORE

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