System Installation


Connecting you to Growth Direct™...quickly

Once you have selected Growth Direct for your rapid microbial testing, the Rapid Micro Biosystems customer support team works directly with your team to implement and validate the technology, bringing you to production as quickly as possible. 

Services include:

Complete installation

Our team conveniently unpacks and installs Growth Direct at your site, ensuring Installation Qualification/Operational Qualification (IQ/OQ) readiness.

Simplified, tailored training

We train your microbiology team to quickly adopt Growth Direct. These sessions allow your team to easily understand key concepts and uses of Growth Direct. Sessions are tailored to the requirements of your team and participants receive certificates of completion.

Validation support

We offer a complete array of documents and services in the support of your validation of Growth Direct. This includes all the steps in the validation process, including:

  • Installation Qualification
  • Operational Qualification
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Assessment
  • Performance Qualification
  • Method Suitability

Bi-directional software integration to LIMS

With our universal communication platform, we work with your information technology (IT) team to integrate Growth Direct into your laboratory information management system (LIMS) for seamless connectivity. Growth Direct’s data can be directed to different LIMS systems and other networked programs (e.g., environmental monitoring trending databases). Growth Direct creates a standard export file in .csv format that can be parsed by the networked program to pull relevant data. 

Network connectivity

Growth Direct operates as a standalone rapid microbial testing system or can be integrated into an LIMS system. To ensure successful connection to the network, Growth Direct has a dedicated menu page that enables your IT team to link Growth Direct to the host network.

Email connectivity

Growth Direct can be set up to distribute emails to different people according to the data set. For Out Of Specification (OOS) sample results, the quality control (QC) personnel can be contacted; for incubator temperature excursions, the facilities person is notified; and for a system service issue, the Rapid Micro Biosystems service team is alerted.

Advanced remote monitoring

Our innovative Remote Monitoring System (RMS) for Growth Direct provides technologically advanced tools to remotely monitor and maintain your Growth Direct so we can ensure optimum system performance. Learn more now >