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Growth Direct™ Benefits

Streamlines quality while reducing costs

Because Growth Direct™ is the first and only growth-based system that automates error-prone, time-consuming, manual compendial testing, it can help streamline your quality programs and alleviate the strain on valuable resources.

Growth Direct helps by minimizing:

  • Cost of unnecessary OOS investigations by reducing human error
  • Cost of manufacturing delay due to an investigation
  • Cost of data integrity audits by producing a complete audit trail of user interaction, sample processing, system operating conditions, and enumeration results

In addition, automatic enumeration and uploading of data to your laboratory information management system (LIMS) simplify the reporting process, making it far easier for microbiologists to analyze trends. By tracking data over time, trends in colony forming unit (CFU) counts, for example, can be identified and addressed quickly.

Companies who are looking to streamline their quality organization will benefit by harmonizing their quality control (QC) testing procedures across sites, going paperless through integration with LIMS, and increasing efficiency by adopting lean principles in their QC micro lab. 

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