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Catch us During the Conference Season this Fall

POSTED BY Admin User | 2 minute read

For those of you also on the East Coast, you have likely started to the feel the chill in the air that comes with change of season.  Soon we will be putting away the lawn mower and pulling out the rake.  Here in New England, fall includes activities like apple picking and watching the foliage change.   From a business perspective, September brings the conference season back into full motion for the second half of the year.  

It has been quite a summer in the Pharma industry. With reports of drug recalls on the rise and general uncertainty, we are eager to hear how the current business climate is impacting companies, specifically in the area of Micro quality control, and with the year quickly coming to a close, how the quality area is progressing towards their 2010 goals.

We have a full plate for this conference season.  With events both here in the United States and in Europe, Rapid Micro Biosystems will not be hard to find.  Feel free to visit our events page for more details.

There is a lot happening in across the Pharmaceutical industry.  We expect topics such as Lean labs and other methods to prevent quality failures in manufacturing will be top of mind.  We look forward to the one-on-one conversations and networking opportunities that come with the conference setting. 

We will see you there!

Mark Severns
Marketing Manager
Rapid Micro Biosystems