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Exciting News to be Announced at PDA Annual Meeting

POSTED BY Admin User | 1 minute read

The Rapid Micro Biosystems blog has been quiet since last year.  That is about to change.  We have been hard at work and will have some major announcements over the next few weeks.   Expect to see more activity on the Rapid Micro Blog in the upcoming months.  Our experts are eager to share their thoughts on automated rapid detection.  


Our next event is the PDA Annual Meeting on April 16th.  If Rapid Microbial Detection is an area of interest for you or part of your job, I highly recommend a visit our booth number 801.  We have some exciting news that we will be sharing for the first time during the show.  If you are looking for our booth, reference the map below.


We look forward to seeing you in the next few weeks.

PDAMeeting Map