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How Rapid Micro Biosystems Approaches Data Integrity

December 11, 2019 By Rapid Micro Biosystems

David Jones, Director, Technical Marketing and Government Affairs at Rapid Micro Biosystems, spoke with on how rapid micro..

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Webinar: Best Practices for Integrating Automated, Rapid Technology to LIMS

March 30, 2015 By Rapid Micro Biosystems

Like most microbiology labs, you likely have a laboratory information management system (LIMS) to help support and manage the day to day lab..

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Growth Direct™ EM Cassette Compared to Conventional Media [Webinar]

June 12, 2014 By Rapid Micro Biosystems

One of the milestones in the validation of a rapid method is proving equivalence of the new method against the traditional test. Various studies..

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Don’t Miss Our RMM Validation Webinar March 25

March 13, 2014 By Rapid Micro Biosystems

On Tuesday, March 25, at 11a.m. EDT, Rapid Micro Biosystems will present the live webinar, “Validating an Automated Rapid Method: Determining Time to..

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December 17th Webinar on Pharmaceutical Microbiology: Getting Lean with Automation

December 12, 2013 By Rapid Micro Biosystems

On Tuesday, December 17th, Rapid Micro Biosystems will be hosting the webinar Pharmaceutical Microbiology: Getting Lean with Automation. Led by..

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David Jones to speak about rapid micro methods at two upcoming events

February 11, 2011 By Admin User

Rapid micro methods are a popular topic during this conference season.  In fact in the next 2 months, our very own Dr. David Jones will be speaking..

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